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Minimize the cost of a quality control system

Asked by Stam Kavid on 5 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Stam Kavid on 5 Jun 2018
Hi. I would like to minimize the cost of a function and i have these variables and restrictions. c<=2 n=1-1000 0<=p<=0.025
and the cost function is in the picture.
Also, i would like to know for what n,c this cost is minimized.
Thanks in advance.


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I tried, but I am not used to Matlab and I don't know how to integral or find the n,c that minCost
It's okay not to be used to MATLAB. Try out some nice tutorials or try searching the Official documentation for the functions you might need. Your question sounds like a college/school assignment. This is a knowledge sharing forum with people trying to help you if you are stuck somewhere but not do custom coding for you. It's always better to tell how you tried to code and you need some help with the error or some direction. Don't expect someone to solve your assignment for you. Cheers!
It's for personal use, but I understand and respect your opinion! I will try to make it on my own. Thanks again for your time.

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Answer by Varun Garg on 5 Jun 2018
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I think you should go through the following functions which should get your work done.
You can find the related documentation here .
This will help you define your function. Now comes the minimizing the cost part, try working with
You can find the related documentation here .
These two combined should probably solve the problem you are working on. Try it out, code it. If you face any errors post a question about it or comment here. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, that is just what i need!

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