draw a set of circles on a given image

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hi; I have a set of circles where each circle is defined by its center position (x,y) and its radius r. i want to find a way in order to draw those circles on a given image* Img* . i used a matrix with three columns [x y r] to store the set of circles. any idea please? thank you

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Elad on 6 Jun 2012
hold on
% x, y: Center of the circle
% r: Radius of the circle
theta = 0 : (2 * pi / 10000) : (2 * pi);
pline_x = r * cos(theta) + x;
pline_y = r * sin(theta) + y;
plot(pline_x, pline_y, '-');
hold off
Chetan Pattebahadur
Chetan Pattebahadur on 11 Sep 2018
is not working on my image. I want 1d 2d and 3d like r1 r2 and r3 circle on my image how can I add, please help me

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