matlab 2018a errors please help

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mouad boumediene
mouad boumediene il 25 Giu 2018
Commentato: mouad boumediene il 26 Giu 2018
i installed window 10 in my pc then Matlab r2018a and when ever i start Simulink the Following warnings shows up
Warning: Failed to start the web server. This could be because of the Java virtual machine. Restart MATLAB without the flag -NoJVM to fix this.
and the the errors show up when creationg a model pleas help me
i Added screen shots

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 25 Giu 2018
For the message about the cache, give the command
rehash toolboxcache
For the message about the server, either disable Windows Firewall or else make an exception for port 31614 to talk on the local machine.


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