Is it possible to solve this equation symbolicaly with Mupad?

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I am trying to solve equation symoblicaly with Mupad, where on the left side I have differential of p3, and on the right side I also have normal value of p3 (not differential).
o := ode(p3'(z) = (-diff(p1,z)*p2-diff(p2,z)*p1-8*diff(p2,z)-8*diff(p1,z)/p0+8*p1*diff(p0,z)/p0^2-diff(p0,z)*p3(z))/p0,p3(z))
On the other side variables p0,p1,p2 are:
When I gave command
to Mupad, I have got some integral which is not solved, it is not final result. How can I do this with Mupad, and is it possible so solve it symbolicaly on this way?

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Torsten on 10 Jul 2018
No experienced person will try to solve such a complicated equation symbolically - and obviously MUPAD cannot return an explicit expression for p3(z).
You should use numerical methods instead (e.g. ODE45, ODE15s, ...)
Best wishes

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