How to select different options in the same listbox and save to thier respective variables?

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I want to select 3 different items from the same list box and save it to 3 different handles.
opt1 = handles.opt1;
opt2 = handles.opt2;
opt3 = handles.opt3;
opt = [opt1,opt2,opt3];
But when I select three different strings, I get only the 'opt3' as 'opt' output. I don't want to create 3 list boxes for the same options and make the GUI look messy. How do I do it? Please Help

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz il 12 Lug 2018
Modificato: Adam Danz il 13 Lug 2018
The example below shows how to isolate the selected items using the callback function to the listbox. If you produced the listbox using GUIDE, focus on the callback function in my example and skip the first half that produces the listbox.
% Create listbox
function myList
c = dialog();
listbox1 = uicontrol('Parent',c,...
'Position',[90 90 100 100],...
'Min', 0, ...
'String',{'Lancaster', 'Cincinnati', 'Sofia', 'Rochester'},...
'Callback', @listbox1_Callback);
% Callback function
function listbox1_Callback(hObject, eventdata)
mySelection = hObject.String(hObject.Value);
if length(mySelection)<3
opt1 = mySelection{1};
opt2 = mySelection{2};
opt3 = mySelection{3};
*Note that you'll need to adapt the callback function if the user is allowed to select less or more than 3 options.
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Vinayak Appasaheb Bhatte
Vinayak Appasaheb Bhatte il 20 Lug 2018
Also, I had one more issue. I posted the question but no one replied.I always see the top option in the listbox is default selected. How to remove this default selection?
Please help me. I checked the property inspector but couldn't find any solution. Thanks!

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