MATLAB R2018a linux scaling issues

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Moy Yuan
Moy Yuan on 6 Aug 2018
Commented: David Meko on 15 Feb 2020
I am running MATLAB R2018a on Ubuntu-based system. All information displayed within MATLAB is too small to be readable even my Gnome Desktop is scaling correctly with all other software such as Firefox. I noticed that this is an issue since R2014a and four years have now past why is it still an issue? Or it is fixed in a way that I failed to find out?

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Kevin Buhr
Kevin Buhr on 27 Aug 2018
I managed to find a solution on the HiDPI page on ArchWiki. On my Ubuntu 16.04 system with Matlab R2018a, I've verified that running:
>> s = settings;s.matlab.desktop.DisplayScaleFactor
>> s.matlab.desktop.DisplayScaleFactor.PersonalValue = 2
and then restarting Matlab fixes scaling (of icons and text) on my 3200x1800 laptop. The ArchWiki page claims this works with R2017b and up.
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David Meko
David Meko on 15 Feb 2020
Thanks! I did this running Ubuntu 18.04, Matlab R18b. Laptop screen res was set to
2048x1152, scaling 200%. Needed microscope to read Matlab desktop text. Now A-OK!

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Josh G.
Josh G. on 16 Aug 2018
This won't help with scaling issues for icons (if that's what you mean), but for text, go to Preferences > Fonts to set the text size and font. You will probably want to check "Use antialiasing to smooth desktop fonts (requires MATLAB restart)" as well.

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