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Error labelling table columns

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I am trying to make a table and label using Table_RMA = array2table (CoP_Balance(:,1:98),'VariableNames',{'Patient','Gender','Dg','Aff_Side','Inj_Site','Ax','Condition','CoP_Side',.....the other 90 names}); However, I Keep on getting this error: Error using matlab.internal.tabular.private.varNamesDim/validateAndAssignLabels (line 321) Duplicate variable name: 'CoP_Side'.
For some reason even when I change 'CoP_Side' to any other word I still get the same error message.
Any suggestions on what am doing wrong?
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KSSV il 3 Set 2018
I think this variable name: CoP_Side is repeating.

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Cesar Antonio Lopez Segura
Hi Luis Eduardo,
We need your complete code to help you. But using this example I have not errors.
vector = cat( 1,[1:8],[8:15],[16:23] );
Table_RMA = array2table (vector,'VariableNames',{'Patient','Gender','Dg','Aff_Side','Inj_Site','Ax','Condition','CoP_Side'})

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Luis Eduardo Cofré Lizama
Thanks for helping me out guys. The funny thing is that whereas the error kept on saying that CoP_Side was the problem, I found it in the name of other variables! Problem solved, however, it was strange the error was pointing in a different direction.


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