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How to estimate the Euler Angles (or the corresponding homogeneous 4x4 tform) by use of a known 3x3 projective tform?

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I am trying to estimate the euler angles from a projective Transformation Matrix.
knowns: projective-2d tform (3x3), camera's intrinsic matrix
I tried out the tform2eul function (robotics sytem toolbox), but it needs a 4x4 homogeneous tform as input. How can one estimate the 4x4 homogeneous tform by use of the 3x3 projective tform?
If you know other solutions please give me a hint. Thank's

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 12 Set 2018
Modificato: Sebastian Castro il 12 Set 2018
Assuming the projective2d transform is doing a rotation about Z and translation about XY, you can probably do the following:
tform3d = [tform.T(1:2,1:2) [0;0] tform.T(1:2,3);
0 0 0 1]
eul = tform2eul(tform3d)
- Sebastian

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