Separating a column in two others when there are empty cells

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I have the following cell Column
' '
AS you can see the first element of the above column is empty
and I want to obtain Column 1 column 2
“ ” ““
'4W 231108'
'4W 211208'
'4W 180109'
'4W 150209'
'4W 150309'
'4W 120409'
Any suggestions?

Accepted Answer

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 21 Jun 2012
How about this hideous idea?
C = {''; '4W231108' ; '4W211208' ; '4W180109' ; '4W150209' ; '4W150309' ; '4W120409'}
C2 = cellfun(@(x)[{x(1:min(numel(x),2))} {x(3:end)}],C,'uni',false);
C2 = vertcat(C2{:});

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