i have a data of 1152*3*140 trials(where 1152 is no of sample points , 3 is no of channels ,140 is no of trials) of two classes of elements , i need to separate each class indivdually for particular trials of each channel ? like 1152*1*no of trials

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please provide code for separating each class.

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ANKUR KUMAR il 14 Set 2018
AA=arrayfun(@(x) squeeze(A(:,x,:)),1:size(A,2),'uni',0);
AA splits A into three parts, each of dimension 1152*140.
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arunnagiri murrugesan
arunnagiri murrugesan il 16 Set 2018
idx=find(y_train==1); x1=x_train(:,1,idx); y1=y_train(idx);
idx=find(y_train==2); x2=x_train(:,1,idx); t2=y_train(idx); i have done this to separate class 1 and class 2 of each having(1*70)each i have to reshape this each class data into 1152*70 dimension ? how to do that ?

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