simscape diode behaviour incorrect?

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I have R2016b and I am modelling a circuit using simscape. The circuit includes diodes, but they don't seem to be working. Specifically, if the diode is supposed to be blocking current, it somehow is magnifying the current instead, leading to non-physical results. I've attached a picture of my model. What should happen is, depending on the frequency of my sources, either capacitor 2 or 3 (or neither) will remain uncharged. What does happen, though, is that for frequencies well within the range for which a capacitor should not be charging, the caps will develop huge voltages larger than those possible from the sources. I've tried many different solvers and it doesn't do anything. I've considered that my model might be wrong instead and would be happy to discuss if it is.
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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 9 Ott 2018
Would probably help seeing your output... also are the 2 independent circuits needed, or can your problem be seen on just one of them?
Michael Stachowsky
Michael Stachowsky il 10 Ott 2018
Ah, it appears I was incorrect. The axis scales weren't showing up correctly, so I didn't see the x10^-9 on the scale. All it as it should be, within numerical error.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 10 Ott 2018
Spostato: Sabin il 18 Dic 2022
I see -- yeah, the autoscaling can be a bit misleading at times. Thanks for confirming!
Diode models in Simscape have an "off resistance" associated with them, so that's probably the small values you are seeing more so than numerical tolerance.
- Sebastian

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