parameters estimation using k-means

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thoraya on 3 Jul 2012
hi l have an image which is divided in two clusters Co:pixels of objects and Cf pixels of background. l(y|x) is likelihood of observations y conditional on a configuration x. the L(y|x) expression is modeled as a mixture of two Gaussian. i want to estimate the mean mu and the standard deviation sigma of each classes using the k-means algorithm in two clusters. how to code this ? can anyone help me please ?? thanks in advance

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Ilya on 4 Jul 2012
I don't follow. k-means is used for non-parametric clustering of data. If your data are already clustered, you can use functions mean and std to compute the mean and standard deviation. If you need to cluster your data assuming a mixture of Gaussians, you can use gmdistribution from the Statistics Toolbox.
Ilya on 5 Jul 2012
No one could find the problem based on the info you posted. Explain clearly what "doesn't work" means. I would also recommend starting a new thread.

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