Error : xlswrite() 'Interface​.Microsoft​_Excel_12.​0_Object_L​ibrary.Ran​ge'

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I just simply copied the example regarding xlswrite(). But I got the following error . Please advise how I could solve it.
Thanks Jessica
xlswrite('testdata.xls', [12.7, 5.02, -98, 63.9, 0, -.2, 56])
Error using xlswrite (line 220)
Excel returned: Undefined function 'Select' for input arguments of type 'Interface.Microsoft_Excel_12.0_Object_Library.Range'..

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Thulasi Durai Durai Samy
Thulasi Durai Durai Samy il 6 Lug 2012
The command actually accepts in the form which you have written, may be check testdata.xls already open or check excel server which matlab invokes it

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