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a problem with "for loop" that contains "if staetement"

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antonet on 6 Jul 2012
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Dear all,
I have the following code
list= {'jj.xlsx' ...
'rt.xlsx' ...
'gt.xlsx' }
for i=1:length(list)
data = [];
[N6,T6,R6] = xlsread(filename,i+2); %
[N5,T5,R5] = xlsread(filename,i+1);
if all(isnan( R6{2,4} ))
N6(1,:) = [];
if all(isnan( R5{2,4} ))
fdata = [data R6(1:size(T6,1),1:size(T6,2)) raw5(1:size(T5,1),3:size(T5,2)) ];
xlswrite(list{i} , fdata);
the only problem that I have is that I do not know how to handle the part
data = [];
fdata = [data R6(1:size(T6,1),1:size(T6,2)) raw5(1:size(T5,1),3:size(T5,2)) ];
xlswrite(list{ii} , fdata);
inside the “for loop” for each i.
What I am seeking for is something like
data(i) = [];
fdata(i) = [data R6(1:size(T6,1),1:size(T6,2)) raw5(1:size(T5,1),3:size(T5,2)) ];
xlswrite(list{i} , fdata(i));
could you help me fix the above code?
Jan on 7 Jul 2012
@antonet: You cannot format the code? Start the code with an empty line, then indent all lines using two spaces, add an empty line at the end. I cannot imagine a terminal, which does not allow this.

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