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How to Execute Maltab Function Block Every X Seconds in Simulink?

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I have a Matlab Function Block that slows down my SImulink simulation. Is there a way to execute the Matlab Function Block every X seconds so my simulation will run faster? It is unnecessary to run the Matlab Function Block every time iteration.

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer il 14 Nov 2018
Hi Andrew,
you can achieve this by assigning a sample time: right click on the block, choose "Block Parameters (Subsystem)", and set the Sample Time to 1.
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Charles David
Charles David il 7 Ott 2023
Thanks a lot... I searched the Internet for a long time to find this solution.
Charles David
Charles David il 7 Ott 2023
maybe this works for all other block in simulink, I was working with 'Matlab function block' • I noticed that when my sample time for the 'Matlab function block' was made more than my simulation time... I got exactly one output from the 'Matlab function block'
For some reason, this was what I wanted all along.

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