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How can I convert csv files to matlab whilst also looping through folders?

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I have been trying to write a code that loops through a set of folders that all contain a set of files. The files in each folder have the same name, it is only the name of the folder that varies. So far I have
SpectrumFileInfo = dir('Spectrum Data*');
NSpec = numel(SpectrumFileInfo);
for i = 1:NSpec
SFI(i) = SpectrumFileInfo(i);
for k = 1:length(SFI)
FolderName = SpectrumFileInfo(k).name;
Direc = dir([FolderName '\I*']);
NumFiles = numel(Direc);
for kk = 1:NumFiles
[num,text,raw] = csvread(Direc(k).name);
[dummy, myName] = fileparts(Direc(k).name);
but this says there is an error in the csvread command (too many output arguments). I took this part from a code I found for xlsread and didn't really understand but what I want to do is convert each file in each folder to a mat file with the same name. How can I edit this section of the code to do this? My files are a bit too big to include here.

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Jan Studnicka
Jan Studnicka il 15 Nov 2018
I would try using datastore:
Hope it helps.


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