Question about setting the bit depth of the USB camera

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Wei Han
Wei Han on 28 Nov 2018
Commented: Brian Hu on 3 Dec 2018
I can set the bit depth to 8 or 12 bit if I use the third party software (ToupSky) which support my camera. However, there is only one available option in matlab image acquisition toolbox, which is 8 bit. I have installed all the driver support package for this toolbox. My camera is BRESSER deep sky camera. Any suggestions if I want to use 12 bit in MATLAB?

Accepted Answer

Brian Hu
Brian Hu on 3 Dec 2018
Please refer to the following link for an example to change the bit depth to your camera's native bit depth using the image Acquisition Toolbox.
Brian Hu
Brian Hu on 3 Dec 2018
In the documentation link, there is a note under the page for the preview function:
"The Image Acquisition Toolbox™ Preview window and the Preview window that is built into the Image Acquisition Tool support the display of up to 16-bit image data. The Preview window was designed to only show 8-bit data, but many cameras return 10-, 12-, 14-, or 16-bit data. The Preview window display supports these higher bit-depth cameras. However, larger bit data is scaled to 8-bit for the purpose of displaying previewed data. If you need the full resolution of the data, use the getsnapshot or getdata functions."
It seems that if you wish to use the preview function, the Image Acquisition Toolbox only supports up to 8-bit depth.

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