How OCR method works on Matlab

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samet ercetin
samet ercetin il 9 Dic 2018
Risposto: sourav malla il 26 Giu 2019
Hi everyone, I need some help about this question. I have choose optical character recognition (OCR) for my Signals and Systems course but I couldn't find anything which feature extantion matlab uses for that. I mean, what happen after when I use "ocr" on matlab? How does it find the character on the image. Which feature extension using on this method?
I have found some methods on the internet:
  • Fourier Transform
  • WaveletTransform
  • TemplateMatching
  • Zoning
  • Crossing and Distances
  • Projection Histogram
  • Zernike Moments
  • Moment Invariants
Which of the above methods does matlab use?

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sourav  malla
sourav malla il 26 Giu 2019

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