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How to read in big parts of text to my code

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Malin Dyberg
Malin Dyberg il 17 Dic 2018
Risposto: Akshay Khadse il 28 Dic 2018
What I want to do is to ask the user to write in the text that they want to decrypt. Not only a single sentence but big parts of text with multiple rows, commas, indentations and so on (for example a letter). How do I do this? I've tried using input but that only works for short sentences.
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Rik il 17 Dic 2018
If you insist of using Matlab tools, you could use the edit type uicontrol (enable multi-line by setting the max property to the maximum number of lines you allow your user to type).
Malin Dyberg
Malin Dyberg il 17 Dic 2018
Ok thanks. I'll figure something out :)

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Akshay Khadse
Akshay Khadse il 28 Dic 2018
This could easliy be done by writing a function to use dialog with an edit uicontrol in MATLAB based on the following example:
I happen to use the following function for such tasks:
function out = textIn
close all; clear; clc
f = dialog('Position', [1000 1000 320 150],...
'MenuBar', 'none',...
'Name','Enter Text',...
'Position', [10 42 300 100],...
'Callback', @editCallback);
'Position', [235 10 75 25],...
'Callback', "delete(gcf)");
function editCallback(h,~)
out = h.String;


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