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Fodio Longman
Fodio Longman il 20 Dic 2018
Commentato: Walter Roberson il 26 Dic 2018
I have an Image File stored in a PDF file format. It is a hyperspectral image means it has many bands. How can i read this into matlab please?
Thank you
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Guillaume il 20 Dic 2018
Most likely, you won't be able to extract the image from the pdf. The pdf format is designed for consumption by humans, not by computers. Depending on how the image is actually stored in the pdf it would be difficult to downright impossible to extract it.
Can't you export that image in a different, more suitable, format in the first place?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 26 Dic 2018
I did some research about the internals of pdf.
Normally input raster images such as tiff or png are torn apart by the software creating the pdf, to be stored as interleaved streams of pixel values, possibly compressed. dct compression such as is done by jpeg is supported but otherwise it is just things like LZ lossless compression of pixel data. Original image contents such as png are not stored.
Representation of hyperspectral images is not completely impossible: it can happen through a DEVICEN colorspace. Such colorspaces must specify how to translate the input values into printable images. So for example an image that is rgb plus two IR channels could specify how to merge the 5 to create ann augmented pdfprinted image. Notice that the intention is not to be usable as aa data storage container: it is all about printing . And the limit on the number of bands is 8.
So I doubt you have a hyperspectral image in pdf. It might have started as hyperspectral but it is probably not still one.

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Akshay Khadse
Akshay Khadse il 26 Dic 2018
As per my knowledge, extracting images from PDF using MATLAB alone is not possible due to the varying methods to store data in the PDF file. Please refer the following MATLAB Answer to know some of these reasons:


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