How to make deployed MATLAB App on Web Server to access data from networked drive?

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I have developed an App using App Designer and the app accesses the log files from a networked drive location (:Y) when I am running it on my local computer. I tried deploying the app using WebApp Server but the app can no longer access the data logs from the netwoked drive any more even though the Server Machine is my local computer itself. I would like to know if there is a way to make this work. Thanks.

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Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng il 12 Ago 2020
Modificato: Kevin Chng il 12 Ago 2020
I have recorded the steps in video. Hope it helps

Mohan Feng
Mohan Feng il 14 Gen 2019
The web apps worker by default won't have access to network folder. It is a very low privilege account for security reasons. Please refer to the following link for more information:
The work around might be to change these permissions around.
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Razin Zuhair
Razin Zuhair il 17 Gen 2019
Thanks for the reply. I changed the permissions of the Web App Server and even the app itself to Full Control but it still doesn't access the drive.

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Mohan Feng
Mohan Feng il 17 Gen 2019
By default the web app server will create a local user which will be used to run the web app server. Local users on Windows don't have access to the network as well as limited access to other parts of the OS.
To get around this permissions issue, you would need to run the web server as a user having more permissions, typically a domain user:
--> Start MATLAB web server.
--> Open the "Windows Services" application
--> Find the MATLAB Web Apps service
--> Right-click and select Properties
--> Under "Log On" tab select "This Account", enter the domain user credentials and hit "Ok" button
--> Finally, restart the MATLAB web server by clicking "Stop" and then "Start" button
The application should now be able to access the Network Drives.


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