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how to use a graph from user input as input to the matlab program

Asked by noureen shaji on 8 Mar 2019
Latest activity Commented on by noureen shaji on 8 Mar 2019
i have a table and a plot based on that table. i want to give this plot as my input to the system in matlab program. Is it possible to give our own plot as input to the transfer function of the system in matlab? please help.


Its a transfer function. System is motor.
So it does not make sense to pass a plot as an input for a transfer function.
The input is the system input, i.e. motor voltage or current or ...
You can pass the value of this input but not a plot.
yes it is actuaaly voltage plot. i also have the numerical values with me.

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1 Answer

Answer by M
on 8 Mar 2019

In this case, I recommend you use lsim:

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thank you so much. I surely try and see.

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