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selecting questions which are not "accepted" ?

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How can one index the questions which do not have an accepted answer? status:unanswered and status:not-answered are not recognized, and using
not status:accepted
is considered equivalent to searching within the Accepted questions for the word "not".
Rationale: especially in conjunction with status:answered this would allow the editors to go through older Questions in order to use the new facility to Accept answers on behalf of users.

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Randy Souza
Randy Souza on 6 Aug 2012
It wil cause the search box to look weird (due to the way we handle the tokens that indicate which filters you've applied), but you can use status:answered -status:accepted.
If you want to include questions with no answers, use -status:accepted, or this link.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Aug 2012
Thanks! I was being thrown off by the presentation of the tokens.

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