Simulink Real-Time with RS-232 (receiving data)

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I would like to model a Simulink project where my data is coming from RS232 (UART to USB) to MATLAB Simulink Real-Time model.
I would like to see the data passed on through my UART on a scope.
I have used baseboard RS232 parameter group is Board setup(com1/none).
Using MATLAB function ( DC = fcn(u)) and passing the u value directly to scope.
I am getting errors while building the project("External mode open protocol connect command failed").
Please find the attachments regarding error and my simulation below.

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Akshay Khadse
Akshay Khadse il 28 Mar 2019
Modificato: Stefanie Schwarz il 27 Apr 2023
Please run the following command in the MATLAB Command Window to verify the Simulink Real Time installation for R2020a and earlier:
>> slrttest
Please refer the following documentation page for more information on this command:
Please check if your PCI settings are specified as recommended in the following MATLAB Answers page:

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