Simulink model developped and running well in 2017b, exceed Jacobian elements allowed in memory in 2018b

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In 2017b, the model is running well in ode23t, however, when passed to 2018b, it doesn't work with the error that the maximum Jacobian elements exceed which is allowed in memory.
When changing to an explicite solvor, an oscillation shows up where it should be stably waken to 0.
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Lihan Xie
Lihan Xie il 19 Mar 2019
How can i explain the difference with 2017b and 2018b ?
The oscillation with explicite solvor is due to resolution error ? how can i track this problem and improve my model ?

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Akshay Khadse
Akshay Khadse il 28 Mar 2019
This happens when the solver is kept as 'auto'. Using auto solver will fail to select the right solver if the number of jacobian elements is high. Selecting a solver as 'ode45' can help to solve the issue.
Please note that you might need to use a solver other than 'ode45' based on your model.
You may want to contact MathWorks Technical Support if this error is leading to a Simulink crash.


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