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How to set the x-aixs when plotting with certain row and column of matrix

Asked by hyejin Kwon on 19 Mar 2019
Latest activity Commented on by hyejin Kwon on 20 Mar 2019
My Matrix 702x22, and include spectra data.
There are spectra data along the frequency at the different time.
So, the first column is frequency and the first row is time.
I want to plot gragh 2:702 row and 2:22 column.
I got the graph that I've expected except the x-axis scale.
Its x-axis scale is just numeric order, 0 to 800.
How can I change the x-axis to the frequecy value which is on the first column?


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1 Answer

Answer by Adam
on 19 Mar 2019
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I'm surprised you can see anything useful on that using plot rather than an image, but the plot function takes multiple arguments, as shown in the documentation:
doc plot
If you don't give it explicit x data then it will just use indexing so you can instead use e.g.
plot( linspace( 0, 1, 701 ), matrix_a(2:702,2:22) );
or whatever it is you want to plot on the x axis. I don't know what your actual frequencies are.

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I figured it out in this way below.
It worked this way. After founding the answer, I felt like it was just simple stting x data things.
I don't need to create new matrix for frequency, for frequency values I need are already in the matrix_a.
Thank you anyway!

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