Calculate Length using Hough Transform

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Adi on 2 Aug 2012
Hi all
My goal is to find the length of the fibers in an image (mf31) where the edges of the fibers have already been detected (Fibers as of now are straight line segments of finite width) I tried to use Hough transformation and consequently Houghpeaks with no. of peaks = 100 (so that all fibers could be included). It has highlighted a single edge of all the fibers (mf32). How do I calculate the length now?
P.S. Please find the corresponding images at my file-exchange link in the future. As of now, here are the Imageshack links :- mf31 - mf32 -
EDIT - I found a research paper (<>) which tries to do the same thing but I'm not able to implelement it in MATLAB. Can someone help please?

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