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Perform Safe Trajectory Tracking Control on Baxter robot

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Dear experts
I recently studied this example(
learned how to use Simulink to implement safe trajectory tracking,and I want to try to implement the same function on the Baxter robot. The example considered is the swayer robot (single arm), while the Baxter robot is (two arms), so there is a big difference in calculating the expected torque using the inverse dynamic block.
And my qestion is how to calculate the expected torque to the two arms of Baxter, what settings are needed (I have imported the URDF model of baxter) .How to modify the input parameters of the block to ensure the expected force of different arms.
I am grateful for any reply !

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 9 Mag 2019
I'd suggest starting by computing the inverse kinematics/dynamics for each arm independently and seeing if you can place both manipulators where you want.
Of course, there are other calculations that need to be done for a dual-arm system. If you want to hold a particular object with a certain position and orientation, you need to calculate the offset from the object to the 2 points where you're grabbing with each hand. Both forces/torques at each grasping point will result on a combined force/torque on the center of gravity of the object you are holding.
- Sebastian
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snow John
snow John il 9 Mag 2019
Mr. Sebastian,
Thank you very much for your answers and suggestions. I will try it in your way. Can I directly use the inverse dynamic block in simulink for calculation? If I use it directly,can I directly set other joints to 0, then perform operations on a joint and make related PID parameter adjustments?I am looking forward to your free time and get the reply!
Finally, thank you again for your previous help!

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