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Is there a block property that makes a Simulink block non resizable?

Asked by Johan Eklöv on 7 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Johan Eklöv on 8 May 2019
My problem is that when I want to move some blocks that are small I often rezise them instead. This typiclly happends with terminator or ground blocks. Is there a property that sets a block to a fixed size so I can't resize the block when working on the Simulink canvas?


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Answer by Fangjun Jiang on 7 May 2019

I wouldn't think so. The size of the block is controlled by the parameter "Position". It is [Left, Top, Right, Bottom]. If you move the block, all are going to change, although you could use a command to fix the width and height.
Instead of selecting the block, maybe you could select an area which covers the block and then do the move.

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The thing that bugs me is that when I have small blocks that I want to move I have to be very precis with the mouse pointer not to click the resize corners. I was looking for a setting to get rid of the resizing corners on a block to block basis.
It is not a huge problem, but I was curious to see if anyone else has been annoyed by this.
Thanks for your answer.

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