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Simulink shows NO warning when goto and from are missinig/not connected.

Asked by Rik Bakker on 7 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Rik Bakker on 10 May 2019
Dear all,
Simulink shows no warning when a goto or from flag is not referenced within the model.
Normally a flag appears orange when a connection is missing. (As shown here below)
But after a few seconds the orange boundaries dissapeare.
Can i fix it somewhere in the settings or is this just a bug in Simulink?
Kind regards,


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1 Answer

Answer by Fangjun Jiang on 7 May 2019

configuration parameters -> Diagnostics -> Connectivity -> Unconnected line


Dear Fangjun,
Thank you for your response. I already changed the setting correctly as you show.
When i compile the simulink file i got the errors for the missing connections.
but normally while modeling, the missing referenced goto blocks will color orange. (as shown here below)
But after a few seconds the orange boundaries will dissapeare.
Is there a setting to turn this orange boundaries always on?
Hopefully you can help me.
The orange highlight should stay on all the time as long as they are enabled and the warning or error still exist. check out this
This should work.
Unfortunately i can't select the option Analysis > Model Advisor > Display Advisor Checks in Editor. in my model.
2019-05-10 13_14_30-Start.png

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