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help for the Gaussian Quadrature Integration

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Hi, all
I have a problem with using the Gaussian quadrature integration. I need to integrate time based- data, which is not function and a 3000*1 matrix data, The data comes out from the sensor with a time step of 0.625 sec. The trapezoid function was fine to provide the same size of matrix data for the output.
[output] = 0.625*cumtrapz(data)
However, In order to integrate 3000*1 matrix data, how can I use quadratic functions such as quadv, quadl, quadgk? Thank you in advance.


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Accepted Answer

Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 16 Aug 2012
For discrete data, I recommend you check out this package. With it you can model your data then integrate the model.

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Jong-Hwan Kim
Jong-Hwan Kim on 17 Aug 2012
Thank you very much. It is kind of hard for me to follow the instruction, but I think your way is right. Thank you. :)

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