read multiple csv files and extract first 10 rows only

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I have multiple (more than 100) csv files. I want a loop to read the csv files and extract only first ten rows from each csv files.

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dpb il 13 Mag 2019
Just read each file in turn and save the first N lines...
NLines=10; % how many wanted to save...make variable so can change at will...
for i=1:numel(d)
% do whatever with this file's data here...
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MatLab Code N
MatLab Code N il 13 Mag 2019
Your code gave me an error. So, i've attached two of my sample files. I hope this might help you to debug the problem.
Thank you so much!
dpb il 13 Mag 2019
You said were .csv files...those are Excel files--use an appropriate way to read Excell file.

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