What does the x axis of wavelet 1-d statistics graph represent? The y axis is probably the amplitude I do not understand the x axis.

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I loaded an approximately 30 second into the 1D wavelet, and analyzed it. After clicking into statistics, the original signal is shown. However I do not understand the x-axis. It has integers times 10^5.
Also what do the statistics at the bottom mean? Are they the satistics for the wavelet coefficients or the amplitude of my signal?

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Jyotish Kumar
Jyotish Kumar on 28 May 2019
In my understanding, you are using wavelet analyzer app and tried 1D-Wavelet analysis. X axis represents the number of samples (values) which also appears on top of the screenshot. It has 1719837 samples and X axis represents the same in 10^5 figures.
As I can see from the original signal plot, there are many samples with zero value (DC component). This is the reason; Histogram shows maximum count of zero. Cumulative histogram keeps adding the value.
Statistics blocks below shows the mean which is very less due to presence of maximum zeros. Also, it shows the maximum, minimum and range of the all 1719837 samples.

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