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Why are you hiding the Toolstrip???

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Gebhard Stopper
Gebhard Stopper il 20 Mag 2019
Commentato: Yair Altman il 20 Mag 2019
Hi Matlab-folks,
why are you hiding the Toolstrip? I've been looking for this feature for the last three years, and I just recently stumbled upon this article on undocumented:
It just took me about a day, to get my UI redesigned from Menus, toolbars and context menus to a toolstrip UI with contextual tabs (and 3 more days to get the DataBrowser to do what I want).
I assume I'm not the only guy here, who wants to have custom Toolstrips in apps. And, I think with a few minor improvemetns of the API this baby is ready to go!
So, can you please make this an official, documented API that everybody can benefit from?
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Gebhard Stopper
Gebhard Stopper il 20 Mag 2019
Got it,
already made a feature request.

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