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what is the minimal Visual Studio 2017 community installation required to pass coder.checkGpuInstall test?

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Up until a few weeks ago I had a full installation of Visual Studio in the default path, and everything worked. Then I made an upgrade, added an SSD to the machine, and installed Windows, Office, some mandatory Microsoft junk, and MATLAB in it, then I cleared the old HD. Now I'm trying to get code generation and CUDA/CUDNN support up and running again, but I ran into a problem.
I don't have enough remaining space in the SSD for a full installation of the Visual Studio (which would be the default path), but MATLAB doesn't recognize if I install in the slave HD. So, either I need a way of making MATLAB look in the D:/ drive or I need to install only the undispensable components of Visual Studio in C:/.
The question is: what are the components? The list is huge, I tried some that were related to compiling, the C++ language, and Windows SDK's, but they were not enough, the coder.checkGpuInstall test still fails at basic code gen.
Alternatively, how could I point MATLAB at a Visual Studio installation in a non-default path? (but I prefer the first solution if possible, it would be faster and would install much less useless stuff)
The CUDA/CUDNN parts I already solved.

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