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ROS Publish Msg - DJI ROS OSDK

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Ben Isaac
Ben Isaac il 7 Giu 2019
Modificato: Sebastian Castro il 24 Giu 2019
Hi there,
I am trying to publish a message to a ROS topic. The topic is one of the ROS topics available in the DJI drone ROS OSDK. Please see image 1 below. I'd like to publish roll angle, pitch angle, yaw rate and z position commands to the corresponding ROS topic. I'm using a Bus create at the input of the Publish block. However, I get the error shown in the next images. Could you please advise how I may resolve this?
Thank you.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 24 Giu 2019
Modificato: Sebastian Castro il 24 Giu 2019
Instead of using a Bus Creator block, use a Blank Message block with the right message type (sensor_msgs/joy), and then use a Bus Assignment block to update individual signals in the bus.
Most of the ROS examples in the documentation or the Getting Started examples will show you what this looks like.
- Sebastian


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