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how to have matlab give feedback if value in a table is outside of a given range

Asked by Nasir
on 18 Jun 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Rik
on 18 Jun 2019
i have a matlab code that calculates some statistical values such as mean mode min and max values , each of which produces its own table of values. each table output has many columns (a coulumn for each variable to be looked at). how can i have matlab look at a specific column/variable for example in the "mean" table for any values less or more than 3 and 6 (arbitrary values) and give feedback or output a table of those values ?


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Answer by Rik
on 18 Jun 2019
 Accepted Answer

You mean with something like this?
x = gallery('integerdata',10,[5,1],2);
y = gallery('integerdata',10,[5,1],8);
A = table(x,y);
L=rowfun(@(x,y) x<3 | x>6,A,'OutputFormat','uniform');


can you explain the code , what each line or code exactly means , so that i can better understand how to use it ?
The first 3 lines are taken from the documentation for the rowfun function. A quick glance at the documentation of the gallery function shows that this generates some random integer data, which is just what I needed to get some example data.
Then the rowfun call: it applies some function to each row of a table (or timetable). That means that in this case my anonymous function @(x,y) x<3 | x>6 is applied to every row. The output switch specifies that I want the output as a separate variable, not as a table column. The function itself returns true if x is smaller than 3 or larger than 6 (and false otherwise).

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