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Why i get different glcm matrix of the same picture ?

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I am using matlab to calculate glcm matrix of multiple pictures , when i calculated the glcm matrix on two different computres of same picture , i have get two different matrix of the same picture , so why this problem has happened?

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James Browne
James Browne on 28 Jun 2019
Without seeing the codes that you are using or having access to the image(s) that you are talking about, it is impossible to say where your problem is coming from. I would suggest making sure that you are using the EXACT same image for your analysis on both computers. If the images are different sizes, one is zoomed in/out or if they are the same picture from different sources (the contrast may be slightly different in one of them and you might not be able to see it with your eyes), this may be causing your problem...
ahmad Al sarairah
ahmad Al sarairah on 1 Jul 2019
Hi all , I want a solution to this problem necessarily.

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