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Feeding knees angle to the walking robot

Asked by Sizhe An
on 30 Jun 2019
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on 9 Aug 2019
I'm doing gait analysis for human-being.
I watched a great video about how to build a walking robot and observe many metrics when the robot walking in this following link:
However, my target is in an opposite aspect. I recored the real knees degree data when people walking. Now I want to feed these degree data into the robot then observe how the robot walks. Is this possible?


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Answer by Sebastian Castro on 1 Jul 2019
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Thanks for tagging this post with roboticsarena so we got that notification! Much appreciated.
In Simscape Multibody, you can choose to actuate joints either with torques or with motion profiles. I am guessing you want to put in a motion profile from the real knee angle data. See the "Motion Input" section below.
Or, this example:
- Sebastian


I found some other parameters seem related to my issue. Like contact_stiffness, contact_damping, contact_point_radius and so on...
How can I tune these parameters? Is there a explanation regarding them?
That's right. The heavier the robot, the higher the stiffness needs to be... else it might fall through.
You should pick something big enough to hold the weight at a specified displacement (much smaller than the thickness of the foot).
Force = Stiffness*Displacement
For more information, see here:
Hi Sebastian,
I kind of modify the four bar through revolute joints to a easy robotic lower lambs. And I give the input angles to the leg then observe how it works. It turns out it works very well and now I want to add one more legs but I got stuck.
As shown in Fig.1, l1 is the hip and l2 is the leg. This is exactly the model I wanna build. α and β I got from sensors, which is the input. I wanna observe how l1 and l2 rotates when α, β is changing.model.PNG
However, as shown in Fig.2, I can only build one hip and leg here. I have no idea how to add another lamb on the same pivot mount. I have a look in but it doesn't help much...simulink_model.PNG
My design file is attached. Can you please give me an idea how I can make the model I want?
Thank you very much!!

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