Matlab: command mex -setup can't find my C compiler

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treeroot on 31 Aug 2012
I use the mac R2009b and gcc -4.16 and xcode.
>> mex -setup
Options files control which compiler to use, the compiler and link command
options, and the runtime libraries to link against.
Using the 'mex -setup' command selects an options file that is
placed in ~/.matlab/R2009b and used by default for 'mex'. An options
file in the current working directory or specified on the command line
overrides the default options file in ~/.matlab/R2009b.
To override the default options file, use the 'mex -f' command
(see 'mex -help' for more information).
The options files available for mex are:
1: /Applications/ :
Template Options file for building gcc MEX-files
2: /Applications/ :
Template Options file for building MEX-files via the system ANSI compiler
0: Exit with no changes
Enter the number of the compiler (0-2):
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