Empty thermal liquid tank

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Sadeer Al-Rawashdeh
Sadeer Al-Rawashdeh il 11 Lug 2019
how to have an empty thermal liquid tank with a volume of 0.357 m3 and a radius of 37 cm??
Thank you

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 11 Lug 2019
Have you looked into Simscape Fluids? They have a built in Thermal Liquid tank block you can parameterize based on specs like the ones you mentioned.
The only work you may need to do is convert the radius to a cross-sectional area parameter (Area = pi*R^2).
- Sebastian
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Sadeer Al-Rawashdeh
Sadeer Al-Rawashdeh il 12 Lug 2019
Yess but if you do so, you'll end up and error about the tank level that it is lower than the inlet height ! how can i fix that?

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