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Plotting geo track over a map

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Logan Pallin
Logan Pallin on 12 Aug 2019
Answered: Ted Shultz on 21 Aug 2019
I would like to plot an animal movement track (with the variable expressed in meters around a (0,0) origin) over a satellite or coastal map of andvord bay in the West Antarctic Peninsula. I have the lat/long of the geo track origin point, but need to find the best way to upload a map as the background, and accurately place and scale the data. I have looked into the M-map toolbox, but am open to trying any other functions or packages people may recommend. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!

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Ted Shultz
Ted Shultz on 21 Aug 2019
you can use plotm to plot lat,long data onto a map axis.
But there is a file exchange file that is optimized for plotting data in Antartica:
Also to make a map, you can use a geotiff if you have that.

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