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Image reading and processing

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Usha Silwal
Usha Silwal il 11 Set 2019
Risposto: Sourav Bairagya il 16 Set 2019
How do I generate just the red channel, from the colourful image that I have attached below?
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Usha Silwal
Usha Silwal il 11 Set 2019
This is the image I am working on and I just need to display the blue channel of the image.
Jon il 12 Set 2019
How is the image encoded? Please provide the matrix you are plotting

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Sourav Bairagya
Sourav Bairagya il 16 Set 2019
After reading the image properly, you can separate the channels using this code segment.
a_red=a(:,:,1); %RED channel
a_green=a(:,:,2); %GREEN channel
a_blue=a(:,:,3); %BLUE channel
figure;imshow(a);title('Color Image');
figure;imshow(a_red);title('Red Channel');
figure;imshow(a_green);title('Green Channel');
figure;imshow(a_blue);title('Blue Channel');
Now, you can also save each channel as separate image using ‘imwrite’ function. Hope this will help.

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