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How to check if state is parent state or substate ???

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galaxy il 24 Set 2019
Risposto: Jorge Calvo il 2 Nov 2021
Dear bros !!!
When I use following code, OutputMonitoringMode of A1 and B are 'Self activity' and A is 'ChildActivity' coressponding.
states = charts(i).find('-isa', 'Stateflow.State', 'IsCommented', 0)
So I can not defined that A1 is substate.
Do you know how to define it???

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Jorge Calvo
Jorge Calvo il 2 Nov 2021
I think you are confusing two different terms: whether a state is a parent/substate and what type of active state output it is producing.
In your chart, state A is outputing information about which substate (A1 or A2) is active. States A1 and B are outputing information about whether they are active or not. This makes sense becasue A has substates to monitor, while A1 and B do not.
Now, if you want to check whether a state is a perent or not, you can try to count the number of substates it contains by entering:
>> numel(find(state,"-isa","Stateflow.State"))
PS. If you are running an older version of MATLAB, try using single quotes instead of double quotes.


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