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problem while using serial port in simulink

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Rajat Patel
Rajat Patel on 30 Sep 2019
Answered: Charan Jadigam on 26 Mar 2020
hello every one iam using serial receive port block in simulink while trying to read data from serial port i am getting this error message can any explain me what is this and how to solve this the error message is :-
Level-2 MATLAB S-function 'sserialrb' in 'ardled/Serial Receive' specifies 'SetSimViewingDevice(true)' , which prevents an output port from being created for the S-function.
thank you

Answers (1)

Charan Jadigam
Charan Jadigam on 26 Mar 2020
Unfortunately, Serial receive port block does not support rapid acceleration mode as code generation is not possible. Try in accelerator mode and it would work fine.The concerned developing team have been informed of it and they are looking into it.




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