Is it possible to use PRM and sequentially findpath function in Simulink?

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With an existing robotics toolbox, creating a BinaryOccupancyGrid and PRM doesn't actually define said targets, in Simulink function blok MATLAB2019a.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 3 Ott 2019
It's doable in the sense that you can put the code in a MATLAB Function block (or as a MATLAB Function in Stateflow). It has its peculiarities to get it working, like passing in a fixed-size occupancy matrix as an output, hard-coding the resolution, and so on.
In the R2019b release, the Plan Path for a Differential Drive Robot in Simulink example should be quite relevant.
Now, if you don't need it to be able to generate C code, you can wrap the whole thing as an extrinsic function and get around all the issues above (but it will be slower and desktop only).
- Sebastian
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