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Saving a picture as a jpg

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Kevin Kite
Kevin Kite il 7 Ott 2019
Risposto: Pujitha Narra il 10 Ott 2019
Hey so I am trying to run a code that takes a picture, saves it as a certain file or variable, and then runs it a few lines later in a object recognition. I can do it by plugging in a picture i've taken before running the code, but trying to get it taken, saved, and used while running the code. I am using a rasp pi camera. Any ideas on what to use?

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Pujitha Narra
Pujitha Narra il 10 Ott 2019
Hi Kevin,
I think the following link would be of use to you where you will need MATLAB support package for Raspberry Pi Hardware:
Hope it helps!


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