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display symbols between numbers from a vector

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I'm writing a code to help people on mental computation. To do so, I want to display a sum with the symbol "+" between two numbers located in a vector.
I know it should be simple but I did not succeed so far. Here is an example:
I want to display on command window:
>> 10 + 11
The values 10 and 11 are located in a vector such as:
calc=[10 11];
I tried to do the following code but it doesn't work:
sum_1= [calc(1)," + ", calc(2)];
Can you help me please. Thank you very much.

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Ted Shultz
Ted Shultz il 18 Ott 2019
you can use fprintf to print just about anything you want.
calc=[10 11];
fprintf('%i + %i\n', calc(1), calc(2))
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Ted Shultz
Ted Shultz il 18 Ott 2019
If you want spaces, you may want to just build up the line element by element. One way to do this would be:
a=[ 1 3 -4 5 -10];
workingString = sprintf('%i ',a(1));
for ii = 2:numel(a)
if a(ii) >= 0
thisSymbol = '+';
thisSymbol = '-';
workingString = [workingString sprintf('%s %i ',thisSymbol , abs(a(ii) ))]; %#ok<AGROW>
workingString = [workingString newline];
this gives:
1 + 3 - 4 + 5 - 10
Vincent TORRELLI il 18 Ott 2019
Awesome, that's perfectly working.
Thank you very much !

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 18 Ott 2019
Since you're using double quotes to create a string, turn your numeric vector into a string array then join the elements of that string array together.
calc = [10 11]
S = string(calc)
sum_1 = join(S, " + ")
You could do this in one line if you don't want to name the string temporary variable.
calc = [10 11]
sum_1 = join(string(calc), " + ")
Alternately if your calc vector is longer and you want to add different symbols you can use + to concatenate the string and numeric data together.
calc = 10:12;
sum1 = calc(1) + " + " + calc(2) + " * " + calc(3)
If this needs to run on an older release of MATLAB that doesn't support string, you can use sprintf.
calc = [10 11]
sum_1 = sprintf('%d + %d', calc)

Vincent TORRELLI il 18 Ott 2019
Thank you every body for your answers.
Steven Lord, your following answer fits very well with my problem:
calc = [10 11]
S = string(calc)
sum_1 = join(S, " + ")
Indeed, the calc vector is parameterized so that its size can vary from 1 to n.
The calc vector contains "n" random numbers that can be either positive and negative.
The final goal will be to not print a "+" sign if the number is negative:
what I don't want: -15 + -16 + 13
what I want: -15 -16 +13
Do you know how to do it?
Thank you in advance.


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