Using Matlab for excel data automation

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Shuvashish Roy
Shuvashish Roy on 19 Oct 2019
Hi, I have some data in the attached input excel file. it is only a portion of large table. I will have to get the attached output table from the input table. The percentage data is calculated by %= (area value/totals)*100
I need to add this % value with their respective cells. I highly appreciate your help. Thanks.

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Prasad Parameswaran
Prasad Parameswaran on 22 Oct 2019
Here is one way of solving the problem.
  • Read the input table to MATLAB using "readtable()" command. For more information refer this link.
  • Do percentage data calculations in MATLAB.
  • Export the output to .xlsx file using "writetable(table,filename)". For more information on writetable refer this link.

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