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Hor to make a URDF file?

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sara hosseini
sara hosseini il 21 Ott 2019
Risposto: Sebastian Castro il 12 Nov 2019
I am in very basics of ORS in MATLAB. Reading the descriptions I noticed I have to build a URDF file. The inside of the XML or URDF code is explained in every source, but I could not find, where to write this code? Does it need any special package? Where can I get it?
How can I creau this URDF file from the most begining?
I am using MATLAB by the way.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 12 Nov 2019
URDF is a file format used externally to MATLAB. It just happens that MATLAB has a URDF importer.
Here are the official tutorials from the ROS Wiki:
- Sebastian


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